What’s Inside Chocolate9 Energy Gel?

Chocolate #9 contains two perfectly balanced energy enhancing ingredients and nothing more: organic agave nectar and breakfast cocoa processed with alkali.

Organic agave nectar provides slow burning carbs and sweetens the dark roast cocoa. The dark Belgian style cocoa provides Chocolate #9’s rich taste.

A note on “breakfast cocoa”: Breakfast cocoa is a FDA term for the class of cocoa with the highest chocolate fat content. This chocolate fat content is responsible for taste and texture. This is why Chocolate #9 tastes so rich.
A smooth even flow of energy will allow all athletes to perform better than they would if they were using blood sugar spiking high glycemic index sweeteners.

Chocolate #9 Energy Gels provide “Slow-Burn” energy without the sharp spike followed by a quick sinking feeling. Read the actual lab report: GI Lab Report


Team Type 1 Uses Chocolate #9 To Set World Record

Chocolate #9 Energy Gels were used by the professional cycling group Team Type 1. Team Type 1 peddled their way to a record setting first-place finish in the 8 man division of Race Across America in May 2009.  They also took first place again in May of 2010.  Both years they have used Chocolate #9. Team Type 1 was created in 2004 to inspire people living with diabetes to take a proactive approach to managing their health and overcoming the obstacles often associated with the condition.

After the record breaking RAAM victory in 2009, Chocolate #9 and Team Type 1 were quick to partner back up for the 2010 season.